Unable to activate iphone without sim card

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Unable to activate iphone without sim card

4 Methods to Activate iPhone Without SIM Card- Dr.Fone


How to Activate iPhone without SIM? (4 Proven Tips)


26/04/2018  · iTunes is good tool to bypass iPhone activation. With the service, you are able to set up your device as a new iPhone, which allows you to activate the device without SIM card. The specific steps are: Step 1. Launch iTunes on your computer and go to Help> Check for Updates. If it notices you that there is a new iTunes version available, just follow the instructions to download and install the …

[SOLVED] How to Activate iPhone 5 without SIM Card


How to Bypass iPhone Activation Without SIM Card?


15/06/2018  · Another method to bypass iPhone activation without SIM Card is by using the Emergency Call feature of the device. For this to work, you will simply need to use the Emergency Call feature, but don’t actually have to connect the call. Step 1. During the iPhone activation process, when you see the “No SIM Card Installed” message, press the Home key.

How to Fix Unable to Activate iPhone after iOS 15 Update


How to activate your iPhone without SIM card: …


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How to Setup or Activate iPhone Without SIM Card


Use iTunes to Activate iPhone Without SIM Card. If you have an older iPhone (iOS 11.3 and lower), you can make use of iTunes to Setup iPhone without SIM Card. 1. Connect iPhone to Mac or Windows computer with iTunes Installed on it. 2. Once iPhone is detected by iTunes, it should prompt you download the latest version of iOS update as available for your model of iPhone. 3.

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Is it possible to activate iPhone without SIM card?

No, this is not true and you can set up your iPhone without any SIM inserted in it. Given below are solutions for how to activate iPhone without SIM Card to help you in all such situations.

What to do if your iPhone SIM card is inactive?

If you suspect that your SIM card is inactive, you need to contact your carrier to get it replaced. You may also need to activate a plan on the SIM card before you can use it on your iPhone. If you are sure that the SIM card is active, but you’re still getting the same error, try the next solution.

Is your iPhone SIM card not supported?

This is a common issue among iOS users and sometimes even you insert a SIM card from the correct carrier, the SIM card not supported error message still appears on your iPhone screen. Don’t worry. In this article, we will show you several tips you can try to bypass iPhone SIM not supported issue and unlock your iPhone for different carriers.

How to fix “unable to activate” error on iPhone?

In case your device has dual SIM card, and you see the message- Unable to Activate: an update is required to activate your iPhone, you should check the dual SIM settings. Sometimes, the error is accompanied by No SIM or Invalid SIM message. If you see this, then check the plan of your carrier.

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