KTC Credit Card Login – Payment – Customer Service

KTC Credit Card Payment and Login

KTC Credit Card Login – Payment Are you looking for you to know the KTC account login for your credit card to pay or view your statement, and manage your accounts online? To log in to make a payment through the web or control your account simply click the green button on this page. 

This KTC credit card was issued by Krungthai which is one of the largest financial services companies in Thailand providing services across the Far East. 

They provide a wide selection of credit cards to suit every lifestyle and any credit background, offering numerous rewards and benefits programs. 

KTC Credit Card Login – Payment

This article focuses on a few of the most notable KTC credit cards, along with their specifics, and at the bottom is information on how to pay for your outstanding credit balance, as well as other important details.

Making Payments and Other Info

Paying for the KTC Credit Card is as straightforward as you’d think from a major company. You can go to one of the numerous branch locations (KTC Touch) located in Bangkok and the surrounding region and provinces.

There you can ensure that your account is up-to-date. Also, you can visit your bank and make payments directly to your credit card this method instead. Pay by telephone, and you can find the phone numbers that you can access on this hyperlink. 

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You can also pay by posting a check to the post office and the details that you require are available on this page. 

If you prefer to pay with your mobile phone, you can pay with pay Service True. If you have any queries or concerns, you can fill out an electronic contact page here.

Pay online: You are able to pay on the internet This link will provide you with the right websites for paying, for example, Krung Thai Bank or Bank of Thailand.

Popular KTC Credit Cards

KTC provides credit cards that are standard, KTC co-brand cards, and affinity cards. 

Standard cards do not have affiliations and benefits are available together with the bank, however, the affinity and co-brand cards do have affiliations.

This can result in better rates for specific items. One instance of an affinity is Bangkok Airways Visa Platinum, which offers a 30% discount on tickets.KTC Credit Card Login – Payment.

  • KTC MasterCard/Visa GoldThis card offers the benefit of a 4% discount for domestic flights and 7 percent for purchase online at Royal Orchid. It comes with travel insurance of as high as 4 million Baht and discounts all year long.
  • KTC Cash Back Visa PlatinumThis card provides cashback on every purchase, including 0.4 percent for purchases up to 30,001 Baht. 0.6 percent for as high as 80,000 Baht and 0.8 percent for greater than 80,000 Back.
  • KTC Titanium MasterCard This card offers 2 points for Forever Rewards and an interest rate of 0% when used together with the FLEXI mobile payment service. Additionally, there are discount and protection options for travel (similar to the KTC Gold Card).
  • KTC Visa Platinum –This card provides great rewards for travel, such as discounts and coverage that are available with KTC Gold Card. KTC Gold Card, plus baggage and accident insurance along with Ultimate Platinum Assistance for emergencies that occur while traveling.
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Visit KTC through Facebook or twitter to find out more regarding the terms and conditions that apply to the variety of KTC bank services and credit cards.

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