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Heat Up Your Network with Heat Activated Business Cards | SME …


05/02/2013  · Well, here is one more- a heat activated business card from Under Consideration . Once a heat source touches the card, the mark is there permanently. Now, you can personalize your business cards even more-with your fingertips, your lips or even any other body part you want.

Thermo-Branding Business Cards : Heat Sensitive Business Cards


04/02/2013  · The impressive effect is accomplished by manufacturing the cards using Fedrigoni/Ispira purezza paper coated with thermo-sensitive ink. A set of your own heat sensitive business cards will set you back a cool $985 for a set of 1,000, which could very well be a small price to pay for such a memorable networking tool. 6.6.

Thermochromic Business Cards & Other Special Effects | …


26/02/2018  · Think business cards are passé? You haven’t seen what special effects printing techniques can do for business cards. A recent Wall Street Journal column makes the case: a growing number of the ambitious set are turning to business cards that express more than just the usual name, rank and telephone number on a standard 3.5″ x 2″ piece of card stock.. The good news for you: no …

50 Incredibly Clever Business Card Designs | Design Shack


11/02/2011  · Scratch that, I don’t want a glow in the dark business card, a heat-activated color changing card is even cooler! If you know of a printer that can actually make these, let me know in the comments! Thoughts on Practicality. Whenever I do a post on over-the-top marketing examples, inevitably, several people respond that such practices are so rare as to be useless for inspiration. …

Heat-Sensitive Business Cards Are Like Touchable Polaroids


08/02/2013  · Heat-Sensitive Business Cards Are Like Touchable Polaroids. A gimmicky technology, in the right context, makes for the perfect calling card. By Mark Wilson 1 minute Read.

Heat Reactive Business Card – YouTube


We needed something to make a difference. A thermochromic liquid crystal changes color when heated from 29.4 to 33°C so, this heat reactive material gives us…

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How do you personalize your business cards?

Once a heat source touches the card, the mark is there permanently. Now, you can personalize your business cards even more-with your fingertips, your lips or even any other body part you want. The business cards are printed on Fedrigoni/Ispira purezza paper and then coated with thermo sensitive ink.

What is the most clever business card design?

50 Incredibly Clever Business Card Designs. 1 Ice Drink. This is a simple idea with a really attractive execution. By rounding off two of the corners, the card takes the shape of a drinking glass … 2 Basta Round Card. 3 Howl Fire. 4 Grimm and Ribbs. 5 Shuriken. More items

What materials are your business cards made from?

Our metal business cards are carved from stainless steel. We cut through the metal with incredible precision and etch the surface with bespoke fonts and graphics. Our metal cards are produced using rolled stainless steel. As a result, the grained texture is always consistent and unblemished.

Why are business cards so popular?

Business cards are a constant point of creativity for designers. This little personalized piece of marketing holds an impressive amount of potential for capturing the attention of potential customers and many businesses are willing to spend plenty of money to make sure their cards make a lasting statement.

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