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04/02/2011  · Q: My boyfriend recently graduated from a master’s program. His co-worker gave him a gift card. When he went to purchase something with it, he was told that "it had not been properly activated."

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You will need to first have them retrieve the receipt using the credit card you used to pay for the gift cards by working with the manager or the book-keeper at the store. The receipt should have the numbers of the card activated and not activated. The key is to keep the receipts till the cards are fully used and done with

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01/12/2013  · Gift cards usually come with receipts and activation codes and whatnot for a reason. That said, if you just got the card today and checked the balance today, wait until Monday to deal with it — gift cards often take some time to wend their way through computer systems to activate, and if they just bought it on a holiday weekend, that time might not have elapsed yet. …

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Answer (1 of 15): This same thing happened to me. Walmart WILL NOT issue you a new gift card, which is ridiculous. I disagree with several of the posts here. Gift cards ARE NOT and SHOULD NOT be seen as cash. Cash is that green paper stuff that circulates around and is not tied to anything but t…

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01/07/2016  · Gift card not activated. I purchased a $100.00 Vanilla Mastercard from 7 Eleven June 18, 2010. Payment was made through myBMO Mastercard credit card and a reciept was given for 100.00 and the activation fee of $5.95. When trying to use the gift card I found out that it was not activated and was told to return to place of purchase.

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How do I find the activation receipt for a gift card?

A. Find the Activation Receipt When you purchase a gift card, you will most likely be given a paper receipt that shows the last few digits of the gift card, the date and time of the transaction and the dollar value loaded onto the gift card.

What happens if a gift card is not activated?

If a merchant sells a gift card which does not get activated at register customer is entitled to a full refund back to the method of payment or a replacement card which is fully activated by doing a cashin -cashout If you lost your proof of purchase , you might need to do a little more work and headache.

What should I do with my gift card and receipt?

Keep the gift card and the receipt in a safe place. The receipt will provide proof of purchase and activation of the gift card. Keep the receipt for as long as you have the gift card, just in case it doesn’t work as it should. The receipt will be useful if you have any problems with the gift card at a later stage.

Why does my gift card have no money on it?

Don’t assume that a gift card handed back doesn’t have any money on it. The gift card may have been declined for another reason such as the cashier ran the card incorrectly (see above), the gift card never got activated (see below) or the dollar value being charged against the card is greater than the card’s load value.

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