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Array card activities

Starting with multiplication- Arrays and Area models activities …

12/06/2020  · These connections come through a deep understanding of the properties of multiplication. Here are some activities you can do with students to practice the multiplication properties using the array cards. Cut (and laminate if you want) the array cards. (pdf at the end of the post).

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Miss Giraffe’s Class: How to Teach Arrays

25/07/2015  · Speaking of baking and such, another really great way to teach arrays is to practice the visual representation with mini muffin pans and pom pom balls! Have students grab a card (ex: 4×4) and fill in their mini muffin tray with pom pom balls to make it. You can get a mini muffin tray at basically any store that has kitchen stuff.

Interactive Math Array Games – Our Pastimes

12/04/2017  · There are a few different games players can play with array cards and these card games can be found on Players can play multiplication pairs, count and compare and small array/big array card games. Multiplication pairs involves cards that are face-up and face-down to find the correct answers to multiplication pairs and the game ends when all …

arrays – JavaScript Card Game – Stack Overflow

11/05/2016  · I am trying to make a card game. Player 1 and player 2 are given a random card and the person with the highest card wins. Below is a simple array for a suit of cards (spades). I have saved the image

Free print to play-Array Maze – Mathcurious

11/06/2020  · Free print to play-Array Maze. June 11, 2020. Grades 2 and up. Arrays are a perfect way to first introduce multiplication and start practicing the multiplication facts. This new game aims to help students practice multiplication by finding the correct array after multiplying two numbers. While playing students gain visual understanding of the …

Math Games with a Deck of Cards – Newark City Schools

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13 x 4 array. (Example shown not all cards) Find two cards next to each other, vertically or horizontally, that add to make a number. “I spy two cards with a sum of 10”. You can also play the game with multiplication, “I spy two cards with a product of 40”. The other player looks for two cards that multiply to make the sum or product and removes them. After

L&L Farms- Math, Science, and Social Studies Chatter: …

18/09/2009  · Array Card Games. I heard you’re working on poetry with Mrs. Nash, so I thought I’d try to write you a math poem about your next opportunity to practice math facts and earn a superstar! (Note: I tried my best.) Play Multiplication Pairs over the next few days. Bring a note to school and cause a superstar craze!

Matching Cards for teaching arrays (Year 1) – Key Stage 1

Dot card and Ten frame activities 2005-2006 – MathPLC

Students arrange a random set of dot cards in order (from 1-6 and back down). Extend to trains from 1-10. 8. Concentration (Materials: 2 sets of dot cards or plates) Place dot cards face down in a 5×4 array. Students take turns turning over two cards trying to find a match. 10. Dot Card Challenge (Materials: 2 sets of dot cards in 2 colours)

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What are array cards and how do you use them?

Array cards are great because they introduce multiplication concepts to younger children. There are a few different games players can play with array cards and these card games can be found on Players can play multiplication pairs, count and compare and small array/big array card games.

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Are there any free array and area model Task Cards?

Here are some free array and area model task cards. The premium version includes: 45 print cards and 45 google slides with multiplication activity task-cards.

How to teach arrays to elementary students?

Give the students, in a pair, group or individually a list of problems like, 3×4= . 5×2=, and so on. They need to find the arrays (cards) for them and write the answer. Then they get to use the array cards to build a house, a robot, a monster, … every day something diferent.

How do you solve a game with arrays?

If you laminate the game board the players can use a white board marker and mark their path by connecting the new array they move onto every time. Then they can use that path to write down the arrays and solve them. The first player to reach the bottom line (land on an array on the last line) wins.

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