Aeon Credit Card Payment

Aeon Credit Card Payment

Pay the Aeon Credit Card payment on the internet. Aeon Credit Service are a Malaysian credit provider based in Malaysia that offers credit card payment services throughout Asia Far East, including Indonesia and Japan. 

They provide a variety of high-performance gold Cards along with Classic Cards using Visa or MasterCard and a variety of benefits for cardholders that are exclusive to them, aimed towards frequent spenders, as well as exclusive benefits for accommodation and travel. 

This guide will cover the most popular cards that Aeon offers, as well as information on how to make transactions using the card.

Aeon Credit Card Payment

Pay with Aeon’s Credit Card and Account Login

Aeon credit card balances are repaid via Aeon credit service points, or through deposit cash machines. 

To pay Aeon credit branches and other over-the-counter service centres, payment can be paid by cash deposit or by check. 

Automated self-service terminals like cash deposit machines and deposit machines are accessible through many banks. 

Online banking is a great option to make it easier to manage your credit card. 

To make an Aeon credit card payment online, click the “green “Online Payment” link below. Click it to sign in or sign up.

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For payments via telephone or postal mail, it is necessary to locate a branch near you and locate the address and telephone number.

You can find an overview that includes the Aeon branch network here.

Aeon Credit Cards

Aeon provides their Classic and Gold Visa/MasterCards that have annual rates of 13.5%-17.5 per cent for borrowing and an annual charge of RM30 to RM95 with additional charges. 

The rates are also applicable to the latest collection of Aeon cards as well as Aeon Express Card. Aeon Express Card. 

It is the Aeon Zing card is an extra pre-paid credit card that is linked to the user’s Aeon credit card, which can be used to top up the account and used at T’nG reader places. 

All of Aeon’s credit cards come with extra pre-paid cards which are available to those over 18.

The annual interest rate for borrowing is Tier 1 (13.5 per cent) which is offered after 12 months of prompt settlement or Tier 2 (16.0 percentage) for users who finish 10 of the 12 months as well as Tier3 (17.5 per cent) that is available for a quick settlement that is less than 10 months in the calendar year.

Credit Card Features

There are many benefits to shopping with Aeon credit cards such as the 20-day interest-free period for purchases at retail, as well as an extensive merchant list that provides discounts and rewards at retailers that are participating, as well as global assistance with travel. 

Aeon also offers Cruize Visas Gold, providing benefits and privileges in relation to the use of vehicles and time in the car. 

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Aeon has partnered with a variety of hotels and travel agencies to offer better service and savings when you’re travelling. 

Aeon cards also allow cash advances that you can use against the card at moderate interest rates.

Flexible payment plans are offered to customers who make large Aeon Credit card transactions.

They offer an interest rate that is one-time 2.5 per cent (6 months) up to 5.5 per cent (18 months). 

Minimum monthly payments are 5percent of the outstanding account balance.

Late payment charges are equal to 1percent of the balance amount. For questions and assistance from customers contact the customer service line for Aeon is 03-2719-9999.

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Aeon Credit Card Payment FAQs

How do I check my Aeon payment?

Tap on “Write Messages” or the equivalent SMS application on your smartphone.
  1. Send the message to: 63633.
  2. Enter Short Code in this form: AEON Keyword (Last 4-digit NRIC) AEON Credit Card Inquiry. KEYWORDS.

How do I pay my Aeon hire purchase?

Please choose a payment method that is most convenient for you.
  1. AEON Service Centre.
  2. Cash Deposit Machine.
  3. Counter.
  4. Cheque Deposit Terminal.
  5. Internet Banking.
  6. ATM Transfer.
  7. Interbank GIRO.

How do I contact Aeon Malaysia?

Manager, AEON Retail Malaysia.

Hamidah Bohri.
Head Office 3rd Floor, AEON Taman Maluri Shopping Centre, Jalan Jejaka, Taman Maluri, Cheras, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone Number +603-9207 2005

How do I recover my Aeon account?

Your Aeon username is printed on the front of your library card. To reset your password, visit the Aeon login page and click on “Forgot Password?” A reset link will be sent to the email address associated with your account.

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