HDFC Debit Card Activation

How To HDFC Debit Card Activation?

Have received a new debit card from the HDFC Bank and now excited to complete transactions through it? Well, one must be completing the HDFC Debit Card PIN Generation step first in order to get the debit card ready for the usage.

HDFC Bank sends you a debit card in a deactivated status so it is necessary to generate HDFC ATM Card PIN in order to buy, shop, swipe through your debit card.

Completing the HDFC Debit Card Login step at HDFC Online Banking account will enable the registered cardholders to get the debit card ready for the transactions. The registered cardholders can activate HDFC Bank Debit Card here through completing a 6 easiest steps ever.

When you receive an ATM card from the HDFC Bank, it’s already in a working state but you will need to generate the debit card PIN in order to swipe it or use it. Now, if you haven’t received debit card PIN along with the card or if you are unable to access your debit card then you can generate a PIN by following methods.

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HDFC Debit Card PIN Generation Online

Requirements to Activate HDFC Bank Debit Card

  • An online account in HDFC NetBanking
  • A registered phone number with the bank account/debit card
  • Debit card information
  • A device with a proper network connection

HDFC Debit Card PIN Generation

Make sure that you are having a debit card, NetBanking account login credentials, the registered phone number handy and follow the card activation instructions below to generate HDFC Bank Debit Card PIN now.

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  • Step: 1. Log into HDFC NetBanking online account using Username and Password.
  • Step: 2. Locate and click on following options your NetBanking account.
  • Step: 3. Now, click on the “Instant Pin Generation” option under Request Tab.
  • Step: 4. Select the type of your debit card and click on new Debit Card PIN.
  • Step: 5. Receive an OTP your registered Mobile Number and verify.
  • Step: 6. Choose a PIN of your choice, re-enter the PIN, click SUBMIT and your task is completed.

Now, as soon as you will complete the above steps, you will receive a notification for the successful activation of your debit card and the debit card will be ready to use now.


HDFC Bank Debit Card PIN Generation security tips, online support

One must recheck and confirm whether the card has been activated successfully or not by using the debit card just after completing HDFC Bank Debit Card PIN Generation step. One can keep the debit card protected by;

  • Never share debit card PIN
  • Never share the online banking details, card details with anyone
  • Always Protect online banking passwords
  • Remember to log out after every login session
  • Never use Remember Password option
  • Never use AutoComplete feature
  • Never use public Wi-Fi

For more assistance, dial HDFC Debit Card Customer Care Phone Number.

The cardholders who are still unable to complete the HDFC Debit Card Activation step or can’t generate HDFC Debit Card PIN might get online help from us. Comment your HDFC Debit Card PIN Generation issues below and get online support from us here at

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